Anemometer Digital Wind Speed Meter
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  • Handheld Anemometer Digital Wind Speed Meter with USB, LCD Color Display Measures Wind Speed Humidity Temperature

    Multifunctional Pro Digital Anemometer. It can measure wind speed, air volume, wind temperature, wind humidity, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature. Can be widely used in wind energy, meteorology, industry, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highways, airports, etc. Low friction bearing technology, 8 blades, wider blade diameter, more accurate measurement and more sensitive response.
    How to Use USB Data Logger: 1. Download and install the Software for AnemoMeter in your PC (CD Software Provided). 2. Turn on the anemometer and connect it to PC via USB cable. 3. Press and hold “H” button for 2 seconds to activate USB function, till “USB” appears in the meter display. 4. In Software, click “Start”, and then real time data will shown. 5. In Software, click “Stop” and then you can export the data easily.
    Built-in high-precision sensor and sensitivity fans for you to get a more accurate measurement. This portable wind speed gauge can accurately measure air speed in 6 unit: m/s, km/h, mil/h, ft/m, ft/s, knots. Wind speed range: 0.80~40.00m/s, ±(2.0%+30); 1.40~144.00km/h, ±(2.0%+30); 1.30~131.20ft/s, ±(2.0%+30); 0.8~77.70knots, ±(2.0%+30); 0.90~90.00mile/h, ±(2.0%+30); 78~7874ft/m, ±(2.0%+30).

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