LED Headlight Bulbs, Automotive Headlight Bulbs
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  • LED Headlight H7 Bulbs Headlight Conversion Kit 6000 K Cold White All in One Model

    Each H7 bulbs has high power three-sided led chips. There are no dark spots or shadowed areas, perfect performance in conditions of poor visibility due to rain, fog, dust or snow. 360 degree adjustable collar ring, convenient for you to adjust for the best light effect.
    No fan no noise. The thermal grease helps dissipate the heat and to ensure the automotive front LED light bulbs work steadily and continuously. Each led headlight bulb can light up to 13000 lumens (26000 lumens per set) 6000K extremely white light with perfect beam pattern, much brighter than stock halogen, beating 95% lower intensity LED and HID kit on the market.
    Integrated aviation aluminum material ensures efficient heat dissipation, built in intelligent IC driver makes the bulb more stable and durable, strong IP68 waterproof, fast thermal diffusion, heat-resistant, no digital and VHF radio signal interference, up to 30,000 hours long service time.
    M7 MAX H7 LED headlights are made to replace all stock housing and sockets. Mini Design, 1:1 size same as the stock bulbs. Plug & Play, easy install within 5 mins, no need more modification or flip. Compatible with H7 LED Fog Light & DRL.
    Before ordering, check your vehicle owner’s manual to confirm your needed bulb size for your desired application (low beam, high beam, fog light).
    Please contact us if you are unsure about the bulb model that fits your vehicle; also LED bulbs may not fit in certain vehicles’ headlight housings due to sizing; as well as the processing system of certain vehicles may not be compatible with LED bulbs right away. Please note that these are common concerns for all LED headlight bulbs, AUTENS is relentlessly developing the technology that can eliminate the extra.

  • LED Headlight Bulbs H7 6000 K Cold White Headlight Conversion Kit All in One Model

    This LED Headlight Bulbs can work with MOST 90% vehicles without error, but for some European luxury and special vehicles( such as Audi,BMW,Mercedes,Dodge,Jeep,Renault,Opel,Ford,VW, Skoda Octavia,Volvo,etc.),it may not light up or flicker first installation(it’s not the headlight problem) which indicate to install a strong decoder to avoid the error. Please check the original bulb’s size before place order.

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