LED Car Headlight Bulbs H7 26000LM 110W High Beam/Low Beam/Fog Light All-in-One


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LED Car Headlight Bulbs H7 26000LM 110W High Beam/Low Beam/Fog Light All-in-One

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Super Bright Car Light
Made by high-quality COB chips, up to 26000LM/pair(13000LM/bulb), 110W/pair(55W/bulb) produces similar Xenon 6000k white light, 300% brighter than halogen bulbs. Much more focused than halogen by the same energy consumption and achieves a longer distance, wider field of vision. Ensuring safety for night driving, foggy days driving, snowy days driving.
Better Heat Dissipation
Over 30,000 hours working time, aluminum casing, high optical density; Built-in independent 12000 RPM high speed hydraulic cooling fan, twice faster heat dissipation; IP68 waterproof. All these advantages made H7 led car lights work longer and efficient.
Easier Installation
With a removable adapter, you can easily mount it in the reflector/projector headlight. No relay, no capacitor, small size, plug and play. You don’t need to replace the dust cover for the bulb’s height only 7.6cm/2.99in, suitable for 90% vehicle’s computer system without error. If you are not sure which size suit for your car please contact us before purchase.
EMC System Reduce Interference
With built-in EMC system, led headlight won’t cause radio interference. The possibility of causing error on the dashboard will be reduced and even prevent the aftermarket headlight bulbs from turning on and off intermittently. Car headlamps kits with EMC anti-jamming and short-circuit protection, which can effectively protect the original car light line, and anti-electromagnetic interference and circuit interference.
Kindly Notes
To Enjoy better purchasing experience, please check the original bulb’s size before place order. This LED Bulbs can work with MOST 90% vehicles without error, but for some European luxury and special vehicles( such as Audi,BMW,Mercedes,Dodge,Jeep,Renault,Opel,Ford,VW, Skoda Octavia,Volvo,etc.),it may not light up or flicker first installation(it’s not the headlight problem) which indicate to install a strong decoder to avoid the error.

Our headlights fit for most 90% vehicles, except some European luxury and special vehicles. Such as Audi,BMW,Mercedes,Dodge,Jeep,Renault,Opel,Ford,VW, Skoda Octavia,Volvo,etc. These need a strong decoder to prevent flickering and you can contact us to order extra adapter to help for installation as well.
Our LED Headlights Adapt For All Environment Superior Visibility Our LEDs produce a crisp, clean, bright white light that effectively turns night into day. A really well-designed LED headlight will meet all on-road regulations, eliminate glare for oncoming traffic, and have a beam pattern that puts light exactly where you need it most!
Extreme Durability Our LEDs equipped Aviation Grade Aluminum construction – meaning that there are no breakable bulbs, fragile filaments, or sensitive electrodes. For this reason, our LEDs are the perfect choice for trucks that travel roads with bumps, curves, and potholes.
Unmatched Longevity Our LEDs come up to four times longer lifetime than standard halogen lamp. With LED technology, lights can emit the same, while consuming less power, great performance of waterproof and dustproof.
1. Remove hold chuck of the headlight
2. Install headlamp into hold chuck, swirl headlight and fix it firmly
3. Connect headlight wire with the car battery
4. Install the dustproof cover
Light Type: H7
Light Source: COB Chips
Light Color: 6000K White
Wattage: 110W
Lumen: 26000LM
Work Voltage(V): DC9V-32V
Waterproof Rate: IP68
Operating temperature: -40~80°C
Light luminance: 3250LUX
Light intensity: 3500CD
Lifetime: >30000 hours
Package Include: 
2 x LED Headlight Bulbs
1x Product Manual
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LED Car Headlight Bulbs H7 26000LM 110W High Beam/Low Beam/Fog Light All-in-One

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