Windshield Cover with Magnet for Snow, Leaves, Rain, Frost, Larger Size (85”x61”) Suit for Most Car

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Windshield Snow Cover, Magnetic Car Windshield Cover for Snow, Ice, Rain, Frost, Larger Size (85”x61”) Suit for Most Car, SUV, Truck, Van or Automobile with Mirror Cover

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[Windshield Cover with Magnets] – With 6pcs ultra-powerful Magnets in the edges to keep the snow cover tigh attach on the front cover, prevent the wind pop it up and let snow or rain get into windshield. Without strap without complicated install.
[Fit for Universal Cars]– Windshield Snow Cover with larger size(Size 85″x61″) works good for most truck, SUV and car windshield.With its security flaps, the automobile windshield cover can be tucked into the doors. As a result, the auto windshield cover can’t be easily stolen, and the car & truck windshield cover stays in place perfectly.To ensure proper fitment, can take an accurate measurement of your windshield.
[Time Saveing]– Save time and fuel costs by no longer having to defrost your vehicle, scrap ice or snow in harsh winter mornings. It prevents windshield, wipers, mirrors from dust/ snow/ leaves/ dust.
[High Quality Materia] -Quality Oxford with special glue makes the snow cover lightweight foldable strong and Much Better WATERPROOF, easily fold able for storage in the trunk or rear of your vehicle, and better protect.
[For Any Time Any Weather]– Use it throughout the calendar year. Great for winter, fall, spring, and summer, however, it will be most effective during the winter months.It also shields your windshield from dust, dirt, sand, scrapes, scratches, and UV rays.
AUTENS Windshield Snow Cover is a completely waterproof, snow-proof and ice-proof windshield cover that fits any make and model of vehicle. Once in place, your car windshield snow cover serves as a barrier to winter weather, so you can simply pull it off before you hit the road and don’t need to scrape.

Enefits for buying AUTENS SNOW COVER:

Protects your windshield and eliminates the need to scrape off ice during chilly mornings
Protects your windshield wipers and the wiper fluids from clogging
Extreme Weather Resistance – Durable and Functionally Effective
Prevents formation of ice on windscreen
One Size Fits All – Larger size snow cover ensure a perfect fit for most vehicles
Easy to Install and stick firmly
Easy to Fold and Store
Reduces the fuel expense by eliminating the need to defrost
Eliminates the need to wait for long time to defrost or clean the snow

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Windshield Cover with Magnet for Snow, Leaves, Rain, Frost, Larger Size (85''x61'') Suit for Most Car

$13.99$19.99 (-30%)

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