When we need Motion Detection( Alarm)?

When we need Motion Detection( Alarm)?

— When we are out of the house.

Why we need Motion Detection ?

— To keep our house and people we care safe.Know what happen around.

What can Motion Detection do for us ?

— Minding us if there are any motions . Save video for us.

What might cause by Motion Detection?

— 1, Faulty Alarm . 2, Fast Running out Battery .  3, We may ignore alarms when there are a lot of alarm.

If there any other function can replace Motion Detection without annoying faulty disturb and fast running out of power ? Just to solve what we concern?

INTENDVISION video doorbell with wake up function. Which can be real time checking around if needed. If you don’t need to check it, you can close it and this will save power. And because you won’t get alarm, you have to check it from time to time when you are away . this may help better for our purpose – keep our house and people safe.

What’s more. Nowadays a lot of devices have motion detection. If we really need the video doorbell have the motion detection as well?

We can consider…

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