Do your Know Ex-Lax Kill Rat?

When I first time know it I am shocked and laugh. Rat(Rodents) and laxatives – who would have known! However this is quiet a natural way to get rid of rat.
How to make the bait with Ex-Lax?
Rodents apparently like peanut butter. So this is how you kill rats with ex-lax. Take a ex-lax chocolate. Top it with peanut butter and place wherever you are experiencing an infestation.

How it work?

The ex-lax will put the rats into gastric distress because their digestive system is so small.
The theory behind ex-lax and rats is this. If one rodent gets sick in their home or nest, the others are smart. They know something isn’t right and leave for a safer environment.

Keep Away From Pets and Humans
This should go without saying, but if you have pets or humans (kids, predominately) that could get into the ex-lax – hide it. Rodents can sniff this out but place where your pets cannot easily access.

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