How to Get Students’ Attention

Classroom management is the key to everything in our classrooms. And one of the key pieces of classroom management is being able to get your students attention easily and effective no matter what’s happening in the classroom.  And sure, there are lots of way to achieve this but most of those methods require more noise which can easily escalate into more chaos.  Trust me.  I’ve been there. After trying the clapping method for attention getting and it basically becoming a standing ovation each time, I decided there had to be a better, more effective way. And that’s when the classroom doorbell came into our classroom!

To be honest, the classroom doorbell is my most favorite classroom management tool and it’s a must have for all classrooms! If you don’t believe me, just look at how excited the following teachers are to get their own INTENDVISION wireless doorbell!

“As a teacher I am using classroom doorbell as an attention getter to refocus when the class gets louder. There are many different tone to choose from, including holiday tunes like Christmas tunes. I like to glue the clicker to a cloth pin and have it on my lanyard.”

“I purchased this product to get my student’s attention. I realize that it was not specifically made to use as an attention getter in a Kindergarten class, but it doesn’t matter because it works great in classroom. The tone is clear and loud enough. It has worked every time I have pushed the remote button. You can easily change the melody of the ring.”

“I absolutely love this INTENDVISION classroom doorbell. I use it in my first grade classroom as a chime – helps me attract attention of the students to focus on new directions or transitioning to a new activity. The class loves choosing a new chime sound, especially some pleasant songs, and it’s convenient to be able to change sound when the class looses focus with a sound we have been using for a while. I also love the volume control. Best teaching management tool that I have purchased!”

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