Which Features Do You Need Most in Doorbell Wireless?

Sounds: Doorbells wireless are a great choice if you’re tired of listening to the same old “ding-dong” sound when someone rings. Wireless units feature a range of chimes to pick from. Some have a volume option so you can adjust the sound to make it loud enough to hear throughout the home. The model you choose should have a ring sound that you find pleasant. Even basic wireless units under $50 are equipped with at least a dozen choices.

Nightlight: Even if you keep your front porch light on at night, it might not be so easy to spot your doorbell. Some units feature built-in nightlights, so locating the ringer isn’t a struggle for nighttime visitors.

Smart features: Some WiFi-enabled doorbells can connect to your home network and detect visitors with built-in motion sensors and record video. Want to check what the person at the front door wants? Choose a doorbell wireless with two-way sound functionality so you can communicate without opening the front door or leaving your office. Intelligent doorbells,  including models that can record video, are the priciest wireless units and typically cost at least $100. Some advanced wireless doorbells may also require professional installation.

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